Unfazed Deranged Man Broke Into A Lion’s Den And Tried To Battle The Lions

الأحد 18 سبتمبر 2016 12:27:00 مساءً

Remember the drunk man who jumped into a lion’s enclosure and tried to woo the lioness? Well, it seems like that isn’t an isolated case, as another incident of a man jumping into a lion’s den has been reported in Taiwan.

46-year-old Jiang Ho Chen was high on amphetamines and drunk when he entered the enclosure at Taipei Taiwan Zoo. The mentally unstable man took off his jacket and waved it in front of the two lions to attract their attention.

One of the lions attacked Chen and grabbed the jacket out of his hands.man vs lion 2

But despite the first attack, the deranged man was unfazed and did not make any attempt to escape.

Then the 300 pound lion strikes again and bit his right arm!man vs lion 3
Chen was so high on drugs and alcohol that after the lion bit him, he still remains in the enclosure until the lion mauled him again.man vs lion 4

To save Chen, the zoo officials decided to tranquilize the lions and used a high pressure water hose to keep the predators away from the fearless man.

See the shocking footage below:



One of the witnesses, a veterinarian named Chi-Hua-Chang said, “I was a bit shocked. We were all appalled as to why someone would jump in there. Everyone was nervous because anything could happen at any time.”