13 of the best running costumes of all time

الأحد 18 سبتمبر 2016 01:46:00 مساءً

For some people, simply running a marathon isn’t enough.
Charity is a wonderful thing, let’s just put it out there. That’s a fact, we all agree, charity helps a lot of people.
Shall we take a minute to congratulate charity’s ability to make incredible generous people do incredible hilarious and sometimes (only sometimes), absolutely crazy stunts to earn a bit more cash to help.
Marathons, fun runs and sponsored walks bring out the best in those generous fundraisers, here’s a high-five to those brilliant people!
13. Family affair
If you’re going to do something right… force your kids along too.
This family may well be the coolest family going. Not sure how far they intend on running but the little one in the full Darth Vader costumes seems to have picked the short straw.
Either way, excellent effort. May the force be with you!
12. The scarily confident
Yes we like this costume and yes this chap is an extremely confident runner.
Either that or he hasn’t seen what a person in make-up looks like covered in sweat… or tears:
11. Who you gunna call?
These two perfect marathon busters, that’s who!
As far as couple-based costumes go, you can’t beat a bit of Ghostbusters.
10. Beer brothers

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