A Tiny Dot On Her Nose Turned Out To Be Something Else And The Cause Is Very Common

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There are some things in life that we don’t actually pay attention to, thinking it was absolutely safe until it is too late. Jude learned that lesson the hard way after a tiny dot on her nose turned out to be something else and the cause is very common. Now here’s her story

Jude is an avid user of tanning beds and started going to salons at age 13 to get her tan three times a week. She loves to get tanned that much that when her wedding came up, she started using tanning bed 6-7 times a week for a 20-minute session each day.

Indoor tanning is a common practice worldwide and probably safe. That’s what Jude had thought, but she was wrong.
tanning bed danger 2
By the time she was 26, she started getting wrinkles and a tiny dot appeared on her nose which she thought was just a normal pimple.

tanning bed danger 1

She popped the tiny dot but after a month of healing, it burst once again. That’s when she realized it was something else.
It was cancer and it needs to be removed asap or she would lose the rest of her face.

Apparently, she developed skin cancer from the constant radiation from her tanning sessions she previously enjoyed.

And to repair her nose, a skin graft from her chest was needed.
Still Jude was pretty lucky for only having a couple of scars on her nose and on her chest and the worst case scenario was averted.

Still not convinced? Better watch this video.