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How Turkey’s Erdogan Might Get Still More Power: QuickTake Q&A

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  • 18 يناير 2017
  • 36 مشاهدة
How Turkey’s Erdogan Might Get Still More Power: QuickTake Q&A
Turkey’s parliament starts a final round of voting Wednesday on whether to hold a referendum to formally switch the center of executive power to the office of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Since becoming president in 2014, Erdogan has been transforming what had been a mostly ceremonial post into what his opponents say is becoming the seat of one-man rule. His latest bid to consolidate legal authority comes during a state of emergency that’s seen mass purges of political opponents and media organizations, following a failed coup attempt in July, and as Turkey wages war against Islamic State and separatist Kurdish groups.


1. Who’s pushing the referendum?


Erdogan’s ruling Justice and Development Party, or AKP, along with the leader of a nationalist opposition party, MHP, whose support it needs to authorize a public referendum. The result of the vote in parliament could be clear on Friday.


2. What new powers would Erdogan get? 


If the referendum is held, and if voters approve it, the president will be anointed head of the executive branch and allowed to issue decrees with the force of law. He could formally restore ties with his political party, something currently banned in a system in which the president takes an oath of impartiality. He’ll be in charge of preparing the budget, be able to declare a state of emergency, appoint or terminate missions of deputy presidents or ministers and other high-level officials, and directly appoint some top judges. During emergencies, he could issue decrees on basic rights and freedoms.


3. How long could a president serve?


Two consecutive five-year terms. If, however, a parliamentary election is held during his second term, then he could seek a third.


4. What would parliament’s role be in the new system?



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