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Trump defiant as Merkel leads European criticism of travel ban

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  • 29 يناير 2017
  • 40 مشاهدة
Trump defiant as Merkel leads European criticism of travel ban
EU leaders see executive order as part of US offensive against world liberal order

Donald Trump on Sunday stood by his ban on refugees and immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries in the face of rising criticism from European leaders.


“Our country needs strong borders and extreme vetting, now. Look what is happening all over Europe and, indeed, the world — a horrible mess!” he tweeted.


Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, on Sunday joined other world leaders in condemning Mr Trump’s travel ban, saying it was no way to fight terrorism.


Ms Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert said the chancellor “regrets” the move and had expressed Germany’s misgivings during her 45-minute phone call with Mr Trump the previous day.


“She is convinced that the necessary and determined fight against terrorism does not justify placing people of a certain origin or a certain religion under a generalised suspicion,” Mr Seibert said.


The White House’s actions have caused alarm in Europe, where leaders see it as part of a broad offensive by Mr Trump against the world liberal order and the key common values underpinning transatlantic institutions that have ensured peace and security in Europe since the second world war.



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