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Honda Accord 2009 in good condition, price 8000 aed

Overview This 2009 Honda Accord sedan is an exceptionally well-rounded choice for those seeking a reliable and comfortable daily driver. With 105,000 kilometers, it has been properly maintained and continues to deliver Honda’s renowned build quality and practicality. Offered at a very reasonable 7,800 dirhams, it represents substantial value.

Exterior & Styling The handsome, if understated, exterior styling has aged gracefully over the years. The Aerodeck design features crisp lines and excellent visibility. This example remains straight and true with no evidence of damage or defects in the bodywork.

Refined & Roomy Cabin The light gray cloth interior exhibits typical Honda ergonomics, emphasizing comfort and control layout. The cabin offers excellent passenger and cargo room. Features like power windows/locks, cruise control and automatic climate control make it effortless to drive over long distances.

Proven Performance Under the hood lies Honda’s smooth and reliable 2.4L 4-cylinder engine, delivering a spirited ride thanks to nearly 160 horsepower. The 5-speed automatic transmission keeps the power on tap. The powertrain has been diligently maintained to factory specifications. Fuel economy is impressive, with an estimated range over 450km per tank.

Confident, Composed Handling The 4-wheel fully independent suspension, stabilizer bars and unibody construction give the Accord composed handling across various road conditions. The braking system delivers secure stops. It has performed admirably over six years of use.

Conclusion For those needing an affordable, roomy and reliable daily commuter, this 2009 Honda Accord GCC represents an excellent opportunity. The condition inside and out is impressive considering its age and pricing. Don’t miss this chance to own a Honda built to go the distance.

Honda Accord 2009 GCC
price 7,800 dirhams
The car is in good condition
Without any malfunctions
without any accidents

To know the available offers and prices, click here : https://is.gd/WiixBH

Honda Accord 2009 in good condition, price 8000 aed Honda Accord 2009 in good condition, price 8000 aed Honda Accord 2009 in good condition, price 8000 aed Honda Accord 2009 in good condition, price 8000 aed


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