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The Legendary 2006 Toyota Corolla Gcc – 5.5K AED

The Toyota Corolla 2006 Gcc remains one of the most popular sedans from Toyota in GCC’s used car market even after 16 years. This reliable, value-focused commuter continues to deliver fuss-free motoring with its proven strengths of quality and durability.

Smooth & Economical 1.6L Engine

The torquey 1.6 liter Dual VVT-i petrol engine offers smooth driving while maintaining excellent 15-16 km/l fuel efficiency. Mated to a slick 4-speed automatic gearbox that suits the engine’s power delivery.

Comfy Long Distance Cruising

The pliant suspension and well-shaped front seats make the Corolla absorb miles comfortably. Impressive sound deadening keeps wind/road noise at bay, allowing relaxed highway journeys.

Surprisingly Spacious Cabin

There’s seriously generous rear legroom and headroom to seat tall occupants comfortably. Big boot easily swallows multiple bags or strollers. 60/40 folding seats enhance practicality further.

Nimble City Manners

Despite the size, the Corolla offers light steering, good visibility and tight turning circle. So driving in congested urban areas doesn’t feel clumsy or nerve wracking.

Strong Resale Value

Even after 16 long years, Corollas command very good resale value in GCC thanks to Toyota’s bulletproof reliability. These cars are always in hot demand so they retain value better.

Aftersales Support

Given the immense popularity, both new and recycled parts are inexpensive & widely available. Affordable maintenance possible at general garages. Sets new benchmark for running costs.

Safety Could be Better

You get dual front airbags as standard but the brakes lack ABS. While handling instills confidence, safety aspect lags cars from the last decade.

Our Price – 5,500 AED Only!

Yours for just 5,500 dirhams, this 16 year old Toyota Corolla 2006 Gcc comes with service history and renewed registration. Fantastic deal!

While outdated in some areas now, the 2006 Corolla remains one of the smartest used sedan purchases in UAE even today. Hard to beat its overall value.

Toyota Corolla 2006 Gulf Located in Ajman
price 5.500 aed https://is.gd/8ffoST
It has 11 months ownership
The car is in good condition
Without any accidents
to know more : https://is.gd/WiixBH

The Legendary 2006 Toyota Corolla Gcc - 5.5K AED The Legendary 2006 Toyota Corolla Gcc - 5.5K AED The Legendary 2006 Toyota Corolla Gcc - 5.5K AED The Legendary 2006 Toyota Corolla Gcc - 5.5K AED The Legendary 2006 Toyota Corolla Gcc - 5.5K AED

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