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The No-Nonsense 2011 Nissan Sunny GCC – 8K AED

The Nissan Sunny 2011 GCC remains a practical, fuss-free sedan for families even after 12 long years. This spacious, frugal commuter continues to offer hassle-free motoring with Nissan’s reputation for durability and low cost of ownership.

Proven 1.5 Liter Fuel Sipper

The torquey 1.5L petrol engine offers smooth daily driving with decent punch for overtaking. Gives real world economy around 14-15km/l which is great for keeping fuel bills modest.

Made for Comfort First

The pliant suspension smoothens out bumps nicely for a cosseting ride. Wide supportive front seats coupled with limousine-like rear legroom keep occupants comfortable.

Massive Backseat Space

Seriously generous legroom means tall adults can stretch out comfortably in the back over long trips. Big boot also means you’ll never run out of luggage room.

Composed City Manners

The Sunny feels sure-footed in urban areas thanks to light steering and a tight turning radius. So parking or making U-turns is never stressful.

Known for Durability

As expected from a no-frills Nissan, all mechanical components are built to last long without problems. Just regular service is enough to keep it running for years.

Contemporary Style

The curvy exterior styling with wraparound headlamps still looks quite modern. Inside too, the ambiance looks upmarket, specially considering its price bracket.

Average Safety Creds

You get front airbags but essentials like stability control are missing. The old body shell also lacks modern reinforcement. Newer used sedans feel safer.

Reasonable Spares Pricing

As it was sold globally, most service parts continue to be reasonably priced. However some imported trim bits can be expensive if damaged after a crash.

Our Price – 8,000 AED

This 12 year old used Nissan Sunny 2011 GCC is available at our dealership for just 8,000 AED. Comprehensive service history included. Worth viewing!

A reliable, no-nonsense sedan focused on passenger comfort – that sums up the Sunny’s appeal even after 12 years. Worth considering!

Nissan Sunny 2011 Gulf car is very clean
price 8000 aed https://is.gd/jYPM7Z
does not require any expenses
It has a full year’s ownership
Without any accidents
to know more : https://is.gd/WiixBH

The No-Nonsense 2011 Nissan Sunny GCC - 8K AED The No-Nonsense 2011 Nissan Sunny GCC - 8K AED The No-Nonsense 2011 Nissan Sunny GCC - 8K AED The No-Nonsense 2011 Nissan Sunny GCC - 8K AED The No-Nonsense 2011 Nissan Sunny GCC - 8K AED

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