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cars for sale price 4000 only

cars for sale price 4000 only Many used cars are available in car showrooms in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar as well, at prices starting from 6000 or perhaps less, but 4000 is the best amount to provide a car with high efficiency and not worn out.
Where to get a car for 6000
There are many places that provide cars at an amount of 6000, including car showrooms in the UAE, and many of them provide cars at this price.
There are also many cars offered by sellers who do not want their cars and prefer to exchange them for other cars, so you see them selling these cars at the lowest prices.

be carefull

There are some defective cars that have many faults that the buyer may not discover at the moment of purchasing a car, so she must bring a car technician or go to the nearest car inspection center to inquire about the car’s faults.

cars for sale :

هوندا أكورد
6 سلندر
الموقع : دبي
موديل : 2009
السعر نهائي : 15000
للتواصل على رقم الهاتف فقط
واتساب + إتصال : 00971527877598

For Sale
Honda Accourd
Model 2007
New Engien
New gear
One year mulkia
Just by and drive
price 9500 dhs
instalment avaibal
Contact call r whatsapp


هوندا اكورد
موديل 2004
ملكيه سنه تامين سنه سياره نظيفه جدا استعمال موظف
مطلوب (8) الف سياره اقتصاديه جدا
رقم الاتواصل 00971566785702 بدع زايد الظفره

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