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price 5000 aed

Do not miss this chance to purchase a used 2014 Honda CR-V GCC for the bargain price of only 9,000 dirhams. This well-maintained SUV could be the perfect vehicle for expatriate workers seeking an affordable yet trusted mode of transportation.

A Quality Ride for Expats

A 2014 Honda CR-V represents a tremendous opportunity for those residing outside the UAE. Expats require a vehicle to commute, carry gear for hobbies or work, and explore places around their city or town. Yet acquiring new is seldom realistic while abroad. This 2007 Honda CR-V GCC available for under 9k AED solves that problem.

Service Records You Can Trust

Have confidence in this 2014 Honda CR-V because its full maintenance log is available. The previous owner faithfully brought it to an authorized Honda service center. Small issues were addressed instead of becoming expensive repairs later. Receipts prove the SUV received exemplary care.

Very Low Kilometers

Though over a decade old, this SUV has far lower mileage than typical. The prior driver accumulated only 12,000 kilometers per year mostly in city driving with occasional highways. The low usage is evident – tires still grip well, brakes will last, and the 4-cylinder purrs smoothly. It seems to have significantly under average miles for a 2014 model!

Cargo and Seating for 5

The 2014 Honda CR-V provides a spacious interior that comfortably seats up to 5 adults. Rear doors swing widely for effortless loading of passengers and cargo. When more room is needed, simply fold the rear seats down to extend the load area. It offers unexpectedly accommodating passenger and storage capacities.

Looks New Inside and Out!

After examining the 2014 Honda CR-V’s interior and exterior, no one would believe it’s over 15 years old. Beige upholstery shows no signs of wear, tears or stains. The dash and doors seem fresh from the dealership. Shiny paint and new wheels lend the impression this low-mileage SUV was recently purchased, not driven daily for years. Truly it appears like new at a used SUV price.

2014 Honda CR-V GCC: Call Today for the Best Deal in Town

At just 9,000 dirhams, finding a better valued compact SUV will be difficult. Test drive this 2014 Honda CR-V GCC before someone else snaps it up. The seller wishes a fast sale and stands ready to help with paperwork. Don’t wait – contact now to inspect this meticulously maintained SUV in person. Reliable transportation of this caliber never costs so little.

Buying used saves you a ton of cash versus new. New cars lose value fast, used cars don’t.
Look for cars 3-5 years old with less than 60k miles. They still have lots of life left but someone else took the big depreciation hit.
Get a CARFAX report to check for accidents or damage. No surprises!
Take it to your mechanic before buying. Paying 100 bucks can save you thousands down the road.
Check fluids, hoses, tires, brakes etc. Wear items can clue you in on how well it was maintained.
Test every button and switch. Make sure heat, a/c, radio etc all work properly.
Go on a long test drive. Get a feel for how it handles and listen for odd noises.
Check online forums for common issues with that model. Be aware of potential problem areas.
Don’t rush it! Shop around and wait for the right car at the right price. Patience pays when buying used.
Negotiate hard on price. Dealers have more wiggle room than you think.
If it feels sketchy, walk away. Trust your instincts. There are always more cars.
2014 Honda CR-V GCC
2014 Honda CR-V GCC
2014 Honda CR-V GCC
2014 Honda CR-V GCC
2014 Honda CR-V GCC
2014 Honda CR-V GCC
2014 Honda CR-V GCC

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