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toyota and lexus which is the best?

The vehicles were selected from more than 200 tested models as the best of the best for 2023. Each represents a key vehicle segment and shines for its combination of road-test performance, reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety, garnering a high-enough Overall Score to earn a coveted CR recommendation. CR may also consider other factors important to consumers in making its Top Picks selections.

All Top Picks must come standard with key safety features, including automatic emergency braking (AEB*) that operates at highway speed and includes pedestrian detection.

Simply put: These are the vehicles that our expert staff would enthusiastically recommend to family and friends.

It’s no surprise that Toyotas, which have historically featured prominently on our list, are again well represented: They’re known for having good all-around performance, fuel economy, and reliability. Notably absent this year, however, are two perennial picks: the Lexus RX and Toyota Prius. These significantly redesigned models weren’t on sale in time to be included, which made room for other impressive models to appear on this year’s Top Picks list.

Our Top Picks list is a collection of cars, SUVs, and trucks with standout performance across the board. Our Green Choice designation (indicated by a leaf icon in our ratings) is awarded to gas-powered, hybrid, and electric cars that are in the top 20 percent of all cars on the market for having the cleanest emissions, based on EPA data. Given there are so many more EVs on the market, for the first time, two electric vehicles are on the Top Picks list.

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