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Toyota Corolla 2.0L SE 2015 for sale for travel

Toyota Corolla 2.0L SE 2015

Also tint o the car and changed with new tires Hi, I’m selling my Used 2015 Toyota Corolla in Doha
The car is painted in a nice White color and I am ideally looking to sell it for QAR 45000
Since this is the 2.0L SE Not Sure model, it comes with ABS, Air conditioning, Airbags, and Security System
Do feel free to reach out to me by clicking the show phone number button.

QAR 45,000
+974 5592 9749

Toyota Corolla 2.0L SE 2015 for sale for travel

Cheating methods in cars
Previously, in the past, sell a used car that had a major accident or problem, try a few thousand a few thousand again. The Car.
So here are some steps to help you buy a used car:
Determine your budget accurately, search for several models suitable for that budget, and study well the best way to finance your car in case you are not ready to buy it in full, by financing it through a personal loan or a car loan, then calculate the amount that you can pay as an advance, and then calculate Monthly payments that you can afford.

car selection
Longer time than you think, you should take it to the next step, the most important steps, and start on it, while using it in determining when you use the car, in terms of business, you should wait heavy items or not, and do you use it on highways, or unpaved roads , and what add-ons and technologies you need, to deliver the models and needs of your needs.

car checking
It is better to inspect the car in two steps, the first on your own or with the help of a relative or a looking friend. Currently from 500 pounds, and it reaches huge amounts according to the approved center or if you are checking the car inside or outside the agency.. In the first step, check the car in bright daylight, and take your time to make sure that it is free of defects or surface, and you must also make sure All of the car’s functions and accessories are working fine, and always look for something that looks streaked, such as painting a piece a color it’s not supposed to, or a painted power cord inside the engine bay or in the trunk.

As for the second step, which is the most important of all, make sure that the center or technician you hire is trustworthy, preferably tested by some friends or acquaintances, because this step may cost you huge sums if a defect appears in the car that the technician did not see, for example. For example, the car may have had an accident, and it is difficult for the technician to detect it, which incurs a huge loss when you resell the car again.. The technical examination is divided into several important parts, namely the chassis, the engine and the suspension system, and the most important of which is the car chassis, it must be intact and not The car is exposed to any accidents that may affect its substance, or affect it during licensing, which leads to rejection and investigation by the competent authorities.

You also have to make sure that the car’s kilometer counter has not been tampered with before, and that even that happened, in most cars, the condition of the car is a great indicator of its counter, so check the car well, both internally and externally, in addition to computer detection, which shows and exposes a number of invisible problems. With the naked eye.

Car expenses after purchase
Your journey with the car does not end with its purchase, as a large percentage of the used cars offered need some basic expenses, for example suspension repairs, so you have to calculate the cost of those expenses in full, negotiate with the seller to bear those expenses, and try to reach a good deal. Always try to buy a car that does not need some expenses, even if there is a big difference between its price and the price of another car similar to it, but it needs some expenses, because a large percentage of used cars need hidden expenses, it is difficult to show you clearly once the car is revealed It usually appears after a few weeks.

real car price
Determine the price of the car you intend to buy before making the purchase, as the prices of car selling sites are sometimes deceptive, because they are chosen by car owners themselves, and there is no real indicator that puts an average of the real used car price at which cars are sold.
car documents
Check all car documents carefully before paying any amount to the seller, and that the chassis and engine numbers in the car match those in the license, and you must also check the contracts and agencies, if any, and make sure that they are original and officially documented, in addition to making sure that the car is not under What types of sales ban?

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