Used car reviews, especially the most popular models, are among the most important things that you should look at before buying a used car, as we will provide you with a quick review of the cheapest cars in the car market, whose price is very cheap and at the same time very demanded and has all the specifications instead of buying an expensive car The price is the same capabilities and maybe less
2012 Corolla review
The 2012 Corolla is one of the most requested cars in the recent period, especially in the Middle East region, as this car is highly demanded in the following countries in the Middle East

Here in the Emirates, the demand for this car increases greatly for two reasons, namely its very cheap price and its unlimited capabilities.

Degree of safety The car is very safe and has all the luxuries
The price of the 2012 Corolla
The price may start from 15,000 and may increase according to the condition of the car.