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Lexus unveils the electric RZ car .. what about its specifications

Lexus is one of the Japanese car companies that produces high-performance models, and we find that the company’s production lines are currently working on the fully electric Lexus RZ, which will be equipped with many specifications and luxuries that fit its nature as a car that depends mainly on electricity, and from here it can compete with many Electric cars that are characterized by distinctive performance, and in the following lines we will follow the full details.
Specifications of Lexus RZ electric cars

The electric Lexus RZ came to fulfill the dream of those who want to buy an electric car that enjoys reliability and high performance. It is a small crossover car. The company has been keen to provide the car with many specifications and luxuries to be able to keep pace with the development that is taking place at this time, and we find that the car will rely on a four-wheel drive system. Dual engine and 71.4 kWh battery, providing a range of up to 225 miles, the front engine in the RZ 450e generates up to 201 hp, and the rear engine generates 107 hp.
Lexus RZ electric cars price

So far, the company has not announced the prices of the car, as it is still in the production lines, and it is expected that it will be launched at the end of this year, and its prices will be officially announced as the date of its launch in the market approaches.

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