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The Legendary 2003 Toyota Camry Gcc – 5K AED

The Toyota Camry 2003 Gcc remains an appealing used car buy even after 2 decades of service. This spacious, comfortable sedan continues to win buyers with its reputation for quality, durability and value retention in GCC’s used car market.

Smooth & Reliable V6 Motor

The 3.0L 1MZ-FE V6 petrol engine offers smooth, vibration-free power, abundant torque and willingness to rev. There’s always power on tap for overtaking or merging maneuvers.

Made for Long Trips

A cosseting ride, effective sound insulation and wide supportive seats make the Camry an excellent highway cruiser. Generous legroom keeps rear passengers happy over long journeys too.

Roomy and Practical

There’s space in abundance, be it the rear bench, large boot or cabin storage spots. Rear seats even recline for more comfort. 60/40 folding boosts cargo flexibility further.

Easy City Manners

Despite the large footprint, the Camry is easy to drive around town thanks to light controls, good visibility and tight turning circle. So parking is fuss-free too.

Known for Reliability

As expected from Toyota, all mechanical components including the transmission are over-engineered to minimize problems. This example easily has another 100k trouble-free kms left.

Parts Availability & Affordability

Given immense popularity, spare parts are inexpensive and widely available. This allows affordable maintenance at any local garage for minimal running costs.

Safety Could be Better

You get front airbags and ABS but the dated body shell lacks modern reinforcement. Other electronic safety aids are also missing. So it lags behind newer cars on occupant protection.

Priced to Sell – 5,000 AED

Yours for just 5,000 dirhams, this 20 year old Toyota Camry 2003 Gcc comes with service history and renewed registration. A bargain buy!

While dated in areas like safety and equipment, the 2003 Camry remains a reliable, comfortable and value-focused used car after 20 years.

Toyota Camry 2003 for urgent sale
price 5000 aed https://is.gd/oheNp6
Very clean
The car is in excellent condition
Without any accidents
Located in Ras Al Khaimah
Ownership expired
to know more : https://is.gd/WiixBH

The Legendary 2003 Toyota Camry Gcc - 5K AED The Legendary 2003 Toyota Camry Gcc - 5K AED The Legendary 2003 Toyota Camry Gcc - 5K AED The Legendary 2003 Toyota Camry Gcc - 5K AED The Legendary 2003 Toyota Camry Gcc - 5K AED

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