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The Roomie 2012 Nissan Sunny Gcc – 8.5K AED

The Nissan Sunny 2012 Gcc remains a fuss-free, affordable sedan for families even after 11 years. This spacious, frugal commuter continues to offer hassle-free motoring with Nissan’s reputation for durability and low cost of ownership.

Refined 1.5L Fuel Sipper

The torquey 1.5 liter engine offers smooth daily driving with decent punch for overtaking. Real world fuel economy around 15km/l makes the Sunny very affordable to run long term.

Made for Comfort

The plush suspension smooths out bumps nicely for a cosseting ride. Supportive front seats and very generous rear legroom keep occupants happy over long distances.

Massive Backseat Space

Rear legroom can be called limousine-like, with abundant head/shoulder room too. Big boot also means you never run out luggage capacity on trips. 60/40 folding seats further aid practicality.

Tight Turning Circle

Despite the lengthy sedan footprint, the Sunny offers a very tight turning radius. This helps tremendously while parking or making U-turns on narrow streets.

Known for Reliability

As expected from a no-nonsense Nissan, mechanical components are built to last long without problems. Just regular maintenance is enough to keep it running for years.

Contemporary Looks

The curvy exterior styling with wraparound headlamps has aged nicely over the decade. Inside too, the design looks quite modern and upscale. Big value for money now.

Misses Out on Kit

You don’t get much equipment – no rear camera, Bluetooth music or push button start. Safety specs including just dual airbags look basic versus newer cars. But it covers basics well.

Parts Pricing Okay

The Sunny was sold globally so most service parts continue to be reasonably priced. However some imported trim bits can be expensive if damaged in a crash.

Our Price – 8,500 AED

This second hand Nissan Sunny 2012 Gcc is available at our dealership for just 8,500 AED. Comprehensive service history and pristine condition. Worth viewing!

A reliable, no-nonsense sedan focused on passenger comfort – that sums up the virtues of the Sunny after 11 years too.

Nissan Sunny 2012 Gcc very good condition
price 8.500 aed https://is.gd/pxFbhc
It has ownership for 7 months
Provides fuel and cheap spare parts
New wheels
New battery
The car is in excellent condition
Without any accidents
to know more : https://is.gd/WiixBH

The Roomie 2012 Nissan Sunny Gcc - 8.5K AED The Roomie 2012 Nissan Sunny Gcc - 8.5K AED The Roomie 2012 Nissan Sunny Gcc - 8.5K AED The Roomie 2012 Nissan Sunny Gcc - 8.5K AED The Roomie 2012 Nissan Sunny Gcc - 8.5K AED

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