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My Fly Ride – 2004 Toyota Corolla GCC

Listen up folks! I just scored a super clean 2004 Toyota Corolla GCC for a skrilla-friendly 4,000 dirhams. This sweet ride has been babied since day one and still runs like a top. Lemme break it down…

Still Purring After All The Miles

It’s rocking the original 1.8L 4-banger under the hood that fires right up and has a nice lil’ growl. The auto transmission shifts silky smooth too. And it STILL gets 30 mpg like it’s no thang!

Pimped To The Max

Power locks, windows, mirrors? Check! Icy cold A/C and bumpin’ stereo? Double check! The gray velour seats and carpets are spotless. Previous owner hooked it UP with the options!

Safety First, Y’all

Cruising around I be feeling secure AF thanks to standard front airbags, anti-lock brakes, child safety locks – the whole shebang! It handles real good too with no shakes or weird vibrations.

Roomy For All Riders

There’s plenny room in this 4-door compact for me and my posse to roll out together. And the trunk can pack a gang of groceries, luggage, etc – straight up clown car capacities!

Still Looking New New

The Silver Streak Mica paint and chrome accents still shining brightly. Not a scratch, ding or stain inside or out. Clearly this Corolla was somebody’s pride and joy before me!

For just 4 G’s I scored this clean ’04 Toyota Corolla GCC – my new daily driver! Zips through traffic and is mad reliable. Holla if you trying to cop one!

Toyota Corolla 2004 Gulf
price 4000 aed https://is.gd/ScbeQK
The car is in agency condition
Without any accidents
571,000 miles on it
to know more : https://is.gd/WiixBH

My Fly Ride - 2004 Toyota Corolla GCC My Fly Ride - 2004 Toyota Corolla GCC My Fly Ride - 2004 Toyota Corolla GCC My Fly Ride - 2004 Toyota Corolla GCC My Fly Ride - 2004 Toyota Corolla GCC

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