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My Whip Be Poppin – 2007 Toyota Yaris GCC

Listen up folks! Your boy just copped a fresh 2007 Toyota Yaris GCC for an absolute steal at 7,500 dirhams. This sweet little ride has got it goin’ on – let me spill the tea…

Small But Mighty

Don’t let the compact size fool ya – this baby packs a 1.5L 4-banger under the hood that delivers zoom zoom when I step on the gas. And it sips fuel like a boss – I’m talking 30+ mpg all day!

Pimped Out Features

From power windows and locks to ice cold A/C and a pumping sound system – this Yaris comes fully loaded! The black cloth seats look brand new and the whole vibe in here is straight plush.

Safe As Can Be

It’s got abs for days plus traction control and a bunch of airbags. I be feeling secure cruising around town in this little tank. It handles smooth too – no pulls, shakes or rattles.

Made For Maneuverin’

Despite the small size, me and my crew ride in comfort. The backseat surprisingly roomy and I can parallel park this whip on a dime! Plus the hatch gives mad cargo space for groceries n such.

One Clean Ride

The Black Sand Pearl paint still glimmering. No scratches or scuffs anywhere – inside or out. Clearly the previous owner loved this car to death. Now it’s my turn!

For 7500 big ones I scored this dope 2007 Toyota Yaris GCC. Zips through traffic and saves me major gas money. Holla if you want in on this!

Toyota Yaris 2007 Gulf very excellent
price 7500 aed https://is.gd/MmeMPS
New battery
New tires
Gear machine in good condition
New mattresses do not require any dirhams
Valid ownership
to know more : https://is.gd/WiixBH

My Whip Be Poppin - 2007 Toyota Yaris GCC My Whip Be Poppin - 2007 Toyota Yaris GCC My Whip Be Poppin - 2007 Toyota Yaris GCC My Whip Be Poppin - 2007 Toyota Yaris GCC

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