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70 thousands cars for sale

Used car auctions offer thousands of used cars for sale every day at very low prices
Used car prices at auctions
The prices of used cars in auctions vary, and the price depends mostly on the type of car, model, general condition, and some other factors

But in most cases, prices start from less than a thousand dirhams or riyals for cars that do not have identification papers

Prices of used cars in auctions start from 1,000 and may reach 7,000 per car

And some cars, such as Camry, Yaris, Corolla, and Honda Accords, may reach 4,000 or 5,000.
Places to sell used cars
In the Emirates, the Emirates Auction Authority is the only reliable source for buying a used car in good condition within 5000

As for Qatar, we must wait for the government auctions that are announced successively

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